About Vega's Interiores Mejicanos Vega's Interiores Mejicanos is the home for exclusive Spanish-American home decor,
furniture and vintage art curios.

About Vega's Interiores Mejicanos <i class=Vega's Interiores Mejicanos is the home for exclusive Spanish-American home decor,
furniture and vintage art curios. " />

Our Origin

In 1939, Vega's Curios & Antiques started its service in the main street of Guerrero Avenue, connecting Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico to Laredo, Texas, USA through and international bridge crossing the Rio Grande. Our store specialized in offering attractive and unique French and Spanish home decor antiques from the old colonial Haciendas, jewelry, perfumes, and souvenir items inspired by the Mexican heritage.


A Memorable Day

In the 1940s, Nuevo Laredo Mexico saw a boom in tourism mainly due to World War II and the Army - Airforce base in Laredo, Texas. One summer weekend in 1942, the base gave a weekend pass to its soldiers. They walked across the US - Mexico International Bridge. My grandfather told a story to my father that the Mexicans thought they were being invaded. He was right as it was an act of an economic invasion; the soldiers ate, drank, and purchased just about everything in the city that weekend. It was one of the best business weekends and the birth of the tourism industry for Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.


The Spanish Colonial Revival

During the 1920s, the inclination towards Spanish Colonial architecture and designs was seen in the Southwestern United States, and this trend continued well into the 70s. By 1960, Vega's Interiors had to shift to a larger location to accommodate the high demand for Spanish Colonial furniture.

It was very easy at the time for US travelers to cross the border into Mexico and fill up a trailer full of furniture, and enjoy the touristic comforts of Nuevo Laredo, such as the famous Cadillac Bar because of the 1920's Prohibition Era in the US.


Showrooms in the US

Vega's opened at Laredo, Texas in 1973 and the city opened its heart for us.

The demand for Mexican art was the reason for us to open another showroom near the existing location in the US. Our main manufacturing operations continued in the Nuevo Laredo, Mexico showroom. By the mid-1980s, we reinvented ourselves itself into offering custom design services that made us popular, even today.

The world designs influenced our style and have taken root in our philosophy. We are no longer committed to building the familiar, but are embracing everything that inspires us. This is something that we honor till this day. The more our world becomes connected, the more we find new influences to infuse them into our designs.


Visit us in Laredo, Texas

Come visit us whenever your travel brings you to Texas. We are sure that our showrooms will inspire you, and our lovely patio will be your oasis.

Don't forget to try the Margaritas we serve on Saturdays. They are special just like our products.